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Sons and Daughters of Belial

The Fall of Satan - Part II

Still, if you think evil is just a random occurrence, ponder the guillotine frenzy of the French Revolution, when roughly 3.5 million Celtic Christians were butchered by the rebels of Belial and entire towns vanished in a night before his mobs of madness. Similar numbers of Christians were murdered in Armenia a century ago at the hands of the Moslems of Turkey. The Nazis butchered 14 million civilians, mostly Bible believers; Stalin starved 23-million. And 40-million innocents, a horrendous slaughter, have been ripped from their mother’s wombs in the abortion mills of America alone.

The global totals of all the mass-murders of the “Post-enlightenment” modern era are known only to God.

Who could ignore the nightmare beheadings of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL)? Or its boasting of the crucifixion of Christian children? Or the on-going gang-rape of Christian women and the sex-slavery of little girls that has spread throughout the Mideast, Africa, and is now entering Europe?

Atrocities have not ceased, but those who control the news media have grown bored with them and have moved on to cover the latest insignificant sporting events and other trivial distractions.

So, the corrosive images of unrestrained evil are allowed to sink into our collective unconscious, to fester and eat at our sense of what is decent and moral and permissible, until eventually, almost any atrocity may be tolerated and ignored as “normal.”

Whatever social or political machinations may have generated these evils, can any person doubt that these horrors represent some persistent malicious impulse embedded deep within mankind, barely suppressed, until it erupts in mass bloodshed?

Yet why do some people submit to this dark urge, while others (so far) seem to be able to resist it?

Are we all capable of such gross evil? Or is it only lurking within the hearts of the Sons of Belial?

The answers, if they are written down, ought to be found first of all in the book that first warned us about Belial: The Bible itself.

As I said previously, the Bible contains seventeen cryptic references to “Belial.” Some theologians suggest Belial may simply be a code-word for Satan (II Corinthians 6:15). But “Sons of Belial,” oddly, are said by the same interpreters to be just “worthless persons.” (Strong’s # 1100 בּליּעל)

Beyond that, investigation usually stops, as if the implied idea that these “sons” of Belial may be actual “Sons of Satan” has no significance.

A few researchers have sought for deeper understanding. Some declare Belial to be a half-angel, or perhaps no angel at all, but a “devil,” specifically, the spirit of a fallen human soul. (Davidson 1971, p. 74)

Some call Belial the Antichrist or the Prince of Trickery or a demon of sodomy, hence, bi-sexual. (Ashley 1996, p. 58)

Others say Belial was the male version of a female entity called Belili or Baalith, = Baal-ette, the wife of Baal. (Turner and Coulter 2001, p. 95b) If so, Belial had an evil twin bride.

She was also called Ba’alit, Anat, Lamassu or Lilith, and has been identified with the Egyptian goddess the Greeks called Isis. (Turner and Coulter 2001, pp. 14a, 51a, 87b; 96b, 285b-268a, 291b)

The husband and twin brother of Isis was, as we know, Osiris.

Thus, Belial was another name for Osiris

Now we are getting somewhere. The traditions about Isis and Osiris greatly enlarge our information about Belial and his bride… and their descendants.

Does the Bible have anything to say about Isis and Osiris?

As explained earlier, Genesis 4’s text, the first mention of Cain and his “wife,” uses the Hebrew words Asar and Auset, which are the actual original Egyptian names of the pair whom the Greeks later called Osiris and Isis.

Although Auset (Isis is indisputably the word used to identify Cain’s wife in the Bible, the word Asar is more controversial. It has an alternate meaning and is usually rendered “that thing” or “which” in Hebrew, even if it could also have been translated as Osiris in some of its possible Cain-related contexts. (see especially Genesis 4:11, 6:4, 7, 17)

It was a firm ancient tradition of the Jewish rabbis that Cain was the son of Satan and Eve. (Ginzberg, Legends of the Bible 1909, 1992, p. 54) Jesus and the Apostle John agreed that Satan’s seed was Cain. (Genesis 3:15, Matthew 13:25-39, John 8:44, I John 3:12) So, Osiris-Belial is Cain, the half-human, half angel, son of Satan, whose sister Isis/Auset is Belili, that is, Lilith.

But Revelation says the Beast is the heir, firstborn of Satan, the Red Dragon. (Revelation 13:1-4) So, Satan’s firstborn, Cain, is that Beast. Cain was cast eastward out of Eden, wandering earth until he came to Egypt. If he went any further, he returned to the Holy Land, to Eden. So, he had to stop at Egypt, where he would be known as Osiris.