Ancient "Summary" Evil 2024

Wickedness Designed to Rule the World

Bringing Hell to Earth

Sons and Daughters of Belial

Part I - Satan's Fall

Evil has a secret.

Buried deep within catacombs of Darkness lies the fetid lineage of the Nephilim, the remnant offspring of the fallen sons of the Elohim (Hebrew: בני האלהים) who once resided in the heavens…

Carved into the jagged sinews of humanity like blood-oaths of an ancient cult, this forgotten clan has not only managed to survive, (Genesis 6:4) but has now infiltrated even our most sacred halls and has seated itself upon the world’s thrones of power. (Luke 4:5-6)

Scattered about the Bible are Seventeen cryptic references to a Nephilim-like being called “Belial” and his unrighteous offspring. Who are these mysterious Sons of Belial?

Are they the literal genetic children of someone named Belial?

Are they sons of possession, “adopted” by some evil spiritual entity?

Or, does “Sons of Belial” have some symbolic meaning?

Most Bible commentators have assumed, apparently with limited investigation, that the term is equivalent to “bad boys” or “ne’er-do-wells” −those delinquents of society who delight in defying authority.

But what if there is truth in all these ideas?

What if society’s defiant miscreants act that way because of something they (and perhaps the rest of us) have inherited, something that can be activated by a catalyst which makes them spiritually vulnerable to possession?

And, if this is true, should there not also be “Daughters of Belial” dabbling in the mists of mayhem, like the women with “familiar spirits” (Hebrew: אוב obe) that King Saul consulted in Endor boiling up mischief? (cf. I Samuel 28:11-12)

Finally, what if the most sinister secret of Belial is that mankind is teetering on the precipice of Evil, deliberately placed there ages ago, standing perilously close to the brink of a fiery abyss?

Many scholars have been cautiously peering over that cliff, investigating the hosts of its plunging denizens: The Illuminati, the Nazis, the Roshaniya, the Cainites, and the multifarious other occult priesthoods and secret societies sworn to Luciferian schemes of corruption, conquest, or suicidal cataclysm.

But anyone who surveys the writings in this field can see that most investigators have entered in with little or no foreboding concerning the spiritual dangers they might confront when probing the chasms of Belial.

The risk of falling into Belial’s pit of wickedness is growing. Three trends are making mankind increasingly vulnerable:

  1. The progressive undermining of the average person’s vague beliefs about God and Scripture, leading the deceived into a wilderness of confused uncertainty until they succumb to any plausible pseudo philosophy, they encounter…
  2. The growing temptation to flirt with seemingly small violations of God’s laws or to ignore the common-sense restrictions of a civilized society until those who go astray eventually become openly defiant of all authority…
  3. The steady erosion of the innate human ability to sense right and wrong (the numbing of one’s conscience and awareness of guilt in wrong-doing); this lost conscience (I Timothy 4:1-3 ends in the chill miasma of an amoral darkness, from which they can no longer find the light to escape…)

As a Christian, I believe we need to be held safe by the hand of Christ. (Romans 5:8, 8:38-39, I Timothy 1:15, Matthew 9:13) I have endeavored to build an argument upon a sure foundation, the firm assurance that there is a demonstrable Divine Plan for the Universe. In other words, before laying out the history of Belial, I want to assure you that nothing he and his followers might have done, or may be plotting, can undo the will of God for His creation. (Romans 8:38-39, I Corinthians 15:12-28, Colossians 2:8, Revelation 20:11-13).

I contend that the very existence of spiritual Evil is evidence for a countervailing (and superior) Spirit of Righteousness, without which the creation would long ago have collapsed into depravity. If wickedness were unchecked, it would destroy all opposition, for Evil obeys no rules (unless it is forced to), but Righteousness is constrained by the Laws of God.

So, the survival of Righteousness in the world, despite this supposed disadvantage, is a testimony to its ultimate supremacy in the battle against Belial and his host.

Just as there is a Divine Plan, the household of Belial also has a plan: Its goal is to steal what belongs to humanity, to corrupt and to kill us, and to utterly destroy all that is good, if possible, even to bring down the very edifice of life itself. (John 10:10, Matthew 24:22)

Oh, we’ve heard this before. Our ears have waxed shut from hearing. (Matthew 13:15-6) Life goes on; and many people prefer to dismiss these warnings. (II Peter 3:1-10)

Yet, anyone who still recalls the horrors of Nazi Germany ought to attest that Evil is real and its agenda dire.